The Avenue: Work = Life

Type: Company Residence
Location: Wanchai
Client: Corporate
Size: 2,500 sq ft with rooftop garden
Completion: 2018

Achieving work/life balance may seem a difficult task. At this residence, this idea was at the core of its design.

This private home is a co-living space for visiting staff, complete with four ensuites. Though the penthouse is located at the heart of the city, high above Wanchai on the 37th floor, we were requested to design a space that encompassed the director’s love of the nature, farming, and Chinese tea. These personal hobbies guided our design aesthetics.

We planned the layout based on a juxtaposition of work and leisure. For example, the dining table cum conference table is placed right next to a row of work desks. In the director’s bedroom, the desk faces a stunning view of the Victoria Harbour and the room opens up onto a private terrace – a perfect setting in which to enjoy some tea. The rooftop dining and lounging area, complete with sofas, can also be used as casual workspace. At this penthouse, work and leisure come together to boost efficiency and creativity. But that’s not all. An urban farm at the split level promotes the idea of healthy living, too.

Natural materials were used around the home to create a comfortable working environment: the walls are finished with rough cement paint, while cabinets are made of hand carved solid oak, torch burnt to enhance the materiality of the wood.

And when the work is done, one can wind down next to the water feature at the rooftop garden, relax at the tea corner, or work out at the outdoor gym with artificial turf, and worry about work some other time.