Ada Leung

Ada enjoys travel and adventures: curiosity is her middle name, and trying and learning are her hobbies. She believes that design is never about transient superficial beauty but it should uplift the spirit of the space by creating an emotional connection. Ada graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture and obtained her master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She has over 20 years of experience in private residences, galleries, clubhouses, hotels, serviced apartment and façades.

Aaron Siu
Senior Designer

Soft spoken and gentle our senior designer Aaron always keeps his eye on the target. He’s punctual, understanding of both the team and client’s needs, and his analytical nature makes him a creative problem solver in tricky situations. He also provides comic relief during our stressful deadline periods. Aaron grew up in Canada and graduated from Ryerson University; he has over 15 years of experience with designing private houses and serviced apartments.

Esther Leung
Senior Designer

Cheerful and spontaneous, Esther is impressively creative having trained as a graphic designer, and challenges us to think outside of the box. With her exceptional sense of materials and colours, she composes designs that perfectly capture the mood and emotions of our projects. Prior to joining Adapa, Esther has worked for renowned international design firms Benoy, DWP, Peter Siling & Associates and has over 10 years of experience with hospitality interiors in Southeast Asia.

Frederick Wong

A walking encyclopaedia of architecture, design and arts, Frederick is our best critic during concept discussions. Frederick is a patient teacher and likes to see the imperfect world through his “filtered” vision. A graduate of Berkeley, University of California, Frederick is also an assistant professor at Chu Hai College.

BengKian Saw

As our macro thinker, Bengkian advises us on both the design and administrative sides of our projects.  Organised, sharp and clear-minded, she is our go-to problem solver. A graduate of the Architectural Association and a registered UK architect, Bengkian has vast design experience that ranges from shopping malls, churches, casino, hospice, high fashion retail shops to public housing, private homes and set design for dance performances.

William Cheung
Project Manager

As our resident problem solver, William turns our design concepts into reality and enhances them with bespoke and thoughtful details. Enthusiastic and focused, he brings over 25 years of work experience in high-end shops, hotels and private residences and vast knowledge on materials and construction to the Adapa team.

Esther Yeung
Project Co-ordinator

Peaceful and poised, Esther’s Buddhist background is what encourages her calm temperament.

Detail-oriented and a good problem solver, Esther enjoys working out the details from the initial design concept to make sure we check every item off the list. Prior to joining us, Esther worked for Design Systems Ltd for over 10 years and has vast experience with retail spaces and private residences.

Anastasia So

Quiet and gentle, Anastasia may seem timid with her quiet and gentle demeanor, but she is in fact an independent, determined, and confident team member. Her forte is minimalist designs with subtle accents, which she executes to perfection, similar to her personal style – she surprises us every day with her unique collection of earrings.

Lavender Lau
Graduate Designer

Lavender traded in her title as a summer intern to join our team full-time as a graduate designer. Open-minded and dedicated to honing her skills, Lavender’s growing talent and great design sense add great value to our team.