Alliance Office: Blue Skies Ahead

Type: Office
Location: Hunghom, Hong Kong
Client: Fortune Peace Holdings Limited
Size: 10,000 sq. ft
Completion: 2017 Q3

Located inside an industrial building nestled in an old residential neighbourhood, for this office, pairing efficiency with uplifting energy was key.

We were inspired by the context of the site: soft grey terrazzo tiles was used to complete an understated, vintage-looking entrance. In contrast, tactile, hand painted metallic company signage suggests the spirit of a growing construction company.

Open harbour view, seen through the expanded large windows on one side of the floor, provides a refreshing interlude to the busy work hours. In constrast, the other side of the office is closely greeted by the mundane household objects hanging outside the striking pink building façade.

Responding to the background, an openplan office with a saturated blue ceiling is created in a grid, settled between the context of extremities, encouraging interaction among colleagues. To highlight the nature of the business, we deliberately used simple materials in their basic forms: raw metal mesh is used for ceiling treatments in managers’ room and as partition screens between cubicles for semi-privacy. Bespoke furniture was made with plywood with exposed edge for low cost and quick production. These elements help to promote a clean aesthetic for the company.

But of course, every open office also needs a place in which to break from the daily grind. To instill joy and positivity against the orderly layout of the desks, we added a fun pantry for lunch gatherings and a private room to share ideas in.

Around here, the sky is always blue – and the possibilities are endless.