The Carmel: Imagining Future Homes

Type: Sales Gallery
Location: W Square Wanchai for The Carmel, Tuen Mun
Client: Wing Tai Properties Limited
Size: 5,000 sq. ft
Completion: 2018 Q4

A sales gallery needs to reflect – and suit – its audience. We designed this two-level space and the handover flats for The Carmel with potential buyers in mind – millennials and young families who love nature and sports.

Buyers are greeted at the experience level with a soft carpeted floor. Along with walls lined with dark olive-green glass, this was our sleek interpretation of the natural surrounding of the development. On one side of the gallery is the TV wall, which shows an introductory video of the development. Meanwhile, the opposite walls are lined with coloured mirrors that reflect the presence of the visitors, superimposed against the mirrored televisions showing action images taken near the development.

At the upper level of the gallery, the development model welcomes guests. Rows of Edison ceiling lamps complements oak flooring to create an inviting mood, housing a sitting area with sofas and a coffee counter for casual chats.

We also kept millennials in mind while designing the handover standards of the bathroom and kitchen. Practical and stylish, there’s a fully equipped open kitchen with natural wood finishes that match with the flooring, and a bathroom with ample storage space and surfaces that allow magazines and mobile phones to be within easy reach.

A setting such as this gallery provokes a feeling of intimacy, in which we hope buyers can discover their future homes.