As architects, we have to find the balance between functionality and emotional considerations.

We design to fulfill our clients’ practical needs and we also create the atmosphere that they can connect with emotionally, one that aligns with their personality, interests and habits.

We like to rethink the function, and question the usual way one would use a space. Why should a certain design element be there, or why should it be eliminated? Do you need this space to interact, isolate and merge with the surrounding? Should it be receptive, serene or energetic?

To me, how someone experiences and connects with the space is more important than making spectacular form, unless it is useful and brings meaning to the space.

There is no perfect design, and space will evolve naturally with time and use. Materials, lighting and colours are essential for creating “emotional space”.

Imagining how someone would use and perceive the space ignites our passion and joy
in the design process, and we thrive to design each project with Solution and Emotion.