Double Cove: A Place to Unwind

Type: Private Home
Location: Ma On Shan, Hong Kong
Client: Family of 4
Size: 2,800sqft duplex with rooftop terrace
Completion: 2017 Q2

To reflect the mature personality and sophisticated taste of the client, we used only the best quality materials and timeless designs for this duplex. This is a modest and uncluttered home to relax in, with everything stripped down to the bare essentials.

It’s as if you’re floating here: this duplex overlooks Starfish Bay and Double Cove, fully embraced by the seaview and sky, with floor- to-ceiling windows on three sides.

On the lower floor, one could immerse into nature. Furniture is positioned to face the spectacular view, along with a rug of gradual hues of blues that merges with the seaview. To enhance the sense of floating, we hung a series of burnished brass pendant lights that age with time, as the idiosyncratic centrepiece against the subtle and light-colour materials used throughout the entire floor.

Upstairs in the bedrooms, we chose darker wood veneer, geometrical-patterned wallpaper to provide a sense of security among the continued panoramic view, and heavy drapery for privacy if required.

An intimate lounge area with a pantry was introduced for the family, to encourage communication and interaction.

The literal “highlight” of the home is the rooftop terrace. We transformed the terraces into a cozy haven by adding lush greenery and atmospheric lighting. The family can enjoy a barbeque together, or one can indulge in moments of solitude with a glass of whiskey after a long work day.

This is a space in which to truly enjoy life. The home connects with nature, yet we’ve also introduced intimate areas for the family to gather in, filled with mementos and photographs to reflect past memories – and in which to build new ones as well.