St. Andrew’s Place: A secluded retreat home

Type: Private home
Location: Beas River, Sheung Shui
Client: Family of 4
Size: 4,000sqft
Completion: 2013

The idea for this home was that it could be a serene country retreat for a retired couple; a special place for them to appreciate their beloved Chinese paintings, furniture and artefacts. So, we transformed it into a modern, minimalistic gallery with a touch of western comfort.

We placed a large bonsai surrounded by white pebbles at the front entrance courtyard – regal and calming, it sets a minimal Chinese style that guides the design of rest of the home. As the focal point of the house, the bonsai is also the background setting of the living room, where double volume paintings are displayed among other antique furniture and objects. Subtle white walls, textural grey tiles contrasted with dark wenge wood veneer are used throughout the house to beautifully highlight the collection of fine art. Lastly, intricate detailing were used to further complement the exquisite artwork on display.

Full height windows on both sides of the living room look out to the magnificent bonsai and pool gardens while bringing in lots of natural light. Outside, lush, ample greenery surround the property. The gardens act as both backdrop scenery and as an extension of the interior – it’s as if you are looking at a live painting!

As a final touch for our art-loving client, the exterior was refreshed with a rectangular pool with floating steps, paired with a tranquil poolside pavilion with soft fabric roof. Surrounded by the soothing sounds of trickling water, this is the perfect spot in which to sit and contemplate the charm of the artwork and furniture that make this property a home.