Penthouse at Homantin Hill: Above the Rest

Type: Private home
Location: Homantin Hill
Client: Family of 3
Size: 3,200sqft
Completion: 2013

This beautiful penthouse home boasts expansive and panoramic views overlooking Kowloon and Hong Kong. We designed the house to enhance the elevated experience and created an escape from the urban streetscape below.

Sitting above the rest of the city, this home provides an air of superiority. Natural light bursts into the home through expansive full height windows, yet the vast spaciousness is grounded by the use of natural materials like walnut wood veneer and concrete looking natural stone.

Design elements are pared down and clean lines are abundant. Plenty of concealed storage was added to help minimize clutter, while other minimalistic details continue to contrast the bustle outside.

Here in this home, high above the streets, it was all about constructing a tranquil and serene space – a space in which to forget about the chaos below.