Hangzhou Oasis One: What is Luxury?

Type: Showflat

Location: Hangzhou

Client: Hong Kong Resort

Size: 1,600sqft with roof garden

Completion: 2019 Q2

This duplex showhouse in the outskirts of Hangzhou shows aspirations for a different way of life in today’s consumer culture. What is luxury? It’s not about rarity, materials or flat size. Rather, it’s about living at ease with freedom over the ownership of possessions.

The duplex has an open layout with both interlocking and free flowing spaces, offering endless leisure and living options.

In the living room, paint your next masterpiece or watch TV on the oversized sofa.

Sharpen your culinary skills in the spacious open kitchen and enjoy a meal with fresh herbs picked from the rooftop garden. Or, write up your next blog post alongside a cup of coffee on the breakfast table.

Explore your artistic creativity and indulge in your musical talents in the first bedroom. Or relax with a hot bath while listening to a favourite record.

In the second bedroom, you can write a poem, read a book, or daydream with a mural of floating clouds behind you.

How about finding new inspiration while having a shower with a backdrop of black hand-glazed tiles?

Catch your reflection while walking up the dimly lit stairs with black laquer panels, mirrored ceiling and handblown glass pendants to the master bedroom that occupies the whole floor. Then, set off for sweet dreams in bed while admiring your partner lounging in the den. If you’re in need of a bit of privacy, just close off the sliding doors with the touch of a button.

End your day with a meditative moment by gazing at the water flowing into the bespoke contour basin.

No matter how you choose to live here, it‘s your way of life and your own kind of luxury – not anyone else’s.