Duplex at Serenade: White Paradise

Type: Private Home
Location: Jardine’s Lookout, Hong Kong
Client: Family of 3
Size: 2,000sqft duplex
Completion: 2015 Q3

Located on the top floors, this duplex boasts of ample natural light and stunning views of the Victoria Harbour. “White and cosy” was a mission given to us, for a hard working mum and her child. We explored soft fabrics, textures and patterns with shades of solid whites to express a feeling of joy and lightness in this home.

Furniture is loosely and casually arranged around the living room to instill an easy-going, family-friendly vibe. Delightful splashes of colour are dotted around for fun. The addition of a solid slate wall delineates the foyer with the living and dining spaces, and the open kitchen.

In the powder room, the sandblasted grey mirror frames the distant building view. Meanwhile, a white marble wall and floor and a classic chrome vanity counter provides a feeling of airiness. In the white oak study, an anomalous black fabric wall coupled with handpainted bronze shelving gives mum her own special space to read while her daughter practices the piano or studies.

In the master bathroom, a slightly eccentric blue marble sink introduces a new story and colour. It echos with the silk rug and wallpaper in the bedroom, as if a blue sky with fluffy clouds extended into it.

To us, the colour “white” is limitless – and we created a very special shade of white for these very special people who call it home.