/ Apr
/ 2019

The Role of Art

Often times, when you step inside a home, it’s the art that grabs your immediate attention. But at Adapa, we truly believe that art functions to not only decorate a place, but that its carefully thought out placement and addition helps to evoke emotions within a space.

We took this philosophy to heart when planning this home at St. Andrew’s Place. Take a look around; it’s hard to deny that the owner’s art collection adds to the overall impression of the home. The artwork, paintings and sculptures here, however, are not isolated. They don’t merely act as decorative objects, but as personal pieces that blend into the lifestyle of the occupants, elevating the overall living experience.

Here are the four ways we used the display of art to create a bespoke atmosphere for this home.


The main painting here, tall, impactful and flanked by precious framed calligraphy work, hangs prominently on the wall and amplifies the height of the ceilings. A handsome console anchors the entire setting, thus anchoring the entire room, giving it warmth and cosiness.



Artefacts collected by the homeowners throughout their travels, alongside fan-shaped paintings, supplement a tranquil setting for moments of contemplation. This is the perfect spot to slow down for a good afternoon reading session. 




Art can be found anywhere. This wooden stool was uncovered during the renovation of the house. Paired with a beautiful bonsai, this display became the poolside focal point.



Art is something that can also evolve with the space. We dedicated this area at the perimeter of the home to this stately bonsai, creating a piece of “live” artwork. As the bonsai continues to grow, it will change the way the space is shaped – especially when viewed through the windows, from inside.


Art is priceless, whether in the literal monetary sense, or as a discovery. But what’s behind its true value is the owner’s actual experience with it, coupled with individual interest and habits.

Yet this notion shifts again when art is placed differently, more deliberately…