/ Jan
/ 2019


At Adapa, our philosophy is simple: to create a space that provides the user with an emotional connection.

When we first start a design, we always remember that we are not designing to make a space stand out, but to integrate it into a lifestyle. We study the context and history of the space, the nature and surrounding, and design from there. Every project is unique in relation to its context.

We always listen before we ask our clients questions. All projects have constraints and requirements, and it is the limitations and preferences that we like to work with – they are what make the project unique and challenging. We do not ask for stylistic preference, but instead, we get to know the user to imagine how they would experience the space. This is where the design begins to evolve.

We are bombarded with too much information and images nowadays and sometimes we are overexcited and tend to forget the objective of the design. Therefore, we constantly ask ourselves during the design process, What is most important? What can be eliminated to allow the clarity of the emotional experience to shine through?

Solution with emotion
Solution is the answer to the functional requirement of the client, which is the basic duty of an architect. It is cold, practical, but essential. We address the experiential concerns of the space: the mood, well-being, harmony and the senses.

We like precision and perfection. We spend enormous efforts in making sure there’s perfect alignment and flawless details. But in reality, it is imperfection that makes the experience memorable and unique. We live with incidental events that evolve with time.

Ultimately, design inspiration emanates from the mundane tasks of daily life. They provoke us to think differently. But of course, the pleasures from art, dance, music and travel also inspire us greatly.

By Ada Leung