Victoria Coast – Ode to nature

Type: Showflat
Location: Pokfulam
Client: ChinaChem Group
Size: 1,500sqft
Completion: 2023

The 3-bedroom showflat is nestled amidst undulating mountains with a captivating open seaview. We took cues from nature, translating the shadow of tree leaves and waves of water to create a poised but yet relaxing home. Our design embraces a restrained soft color palette with tactile richness, harmoniously blending with the natural surroundings and capturing the tranquility of the sunset.

Throughout the flat, a customed oak wooden flooring is artfully arranged in a hexagonal floral petal pattern, further enhanced by subtle metal trim. Off-white tactile fabric, taupe leather, and greige wallpaper create a harmonious backdrop that seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings. European walnut wood adds warmth and opulence, while brushed nickel metal trim adds delicate highlights.

Upon entering the flat, the eye is immediately drawn to a quarter-circular sofa facing the balcony, with full-height windows to frame the mesmerizing mountain view. The sofa, accompanied by the sculptural lounge chair and a daringly bold solid oak coffee table, become the focal point for intimate family conversations, shared laughter, and moments of solitude with a beloved book.

Behind the sofa, a full-height bespoke library with wooden and marble shelves, is lined with leather for a softer touch. With the convenience of a slide-out desk and a fabric stool, this space effortlessly transforms into a comfortable work-from-home setup.

The entrance door seamlessly blends with the light oak rhythmic wall panel, accentuated by semi-circular pillars and concave metal trims. A walnut wood console table in the foreground serves as a practical spot for keys and other essentials when coming home. The wall panels gracefully turn the corner, leading into the dining room. The dining area incorporates a dynamic brushstroke wallpaper as the backdrop, accompanied by an artisanal pastel orange hand-blown glass pendant light that resembles the warm and vibrant colour of sunset. Behind a full-height white oak door, the tea pantry reveals itself as a hidden gem. Gleamingly thin metal shelves display a collection of delicate tea sets and exotic blends, while maintaining an air of subtlety and elegance.

The master bedroom showcases the magnificent sunset view through a picture window. A bespoke marble and leather vanity desk is created in front, accentuated by an Aladdin-shaped table lamp. A slideout mirror adds a touch of convenience and sophistication. Two rows of wardrobe recede into the background with subtle textural wallpaper finish. A gentle curve leather headboard with minimal textual wallpaper adorns the area behind the bed. Soft uplighting, an asymmetrical pendant light and a table lamp on both side of the bed, create a soothing and relaxing ambiance.

Designed with a teenager girl in mind, the secondary bedroom embraces playfulness and cuteness. The headboard features a quarter-circular element, adding a whimsical touch to pale pink cushions and throw. The bay window with plush seating and green dots cushions, creates a cozy nook for relaxation, inviting her to curl up with a favorite book or indulge in daydreaming while gazing at the lush greenery outside.

The study room boasts a large wooden desk, flanked by a tall full-height window. The adjacent full-width and full-height bookshelf is meticulously crafted in 2 types of wood and displays cherished books and mementos from travels. A bespoke walnut wood and leather wine trolley invites you to unwind and savour a glass of gin cocktail, adding a touch of refinement. Bathed in natural light and blessed with breathtaking views, the study room inspires productivity and creativity.

The design of the showflat aims to evoke an artisanal touch and a sense of capaciousness. Every element is thoughtfully curated to enhance the emotions and experiences within the space. This is a subtle home to enjoy, a haven to be envied.