Shadowcreek Clubhouse

Type: Clubhouse of Shadowcreek development
Location: Beijing
Client: New World Development
Size: 10,000sqft
Completion: 2010

The Ground floor of the built clubhouse is renovated as the sales office for the prestigious Shadowcreek Villa development in Beijing. Sale route is planned for this 10,000 sqft space and is modulated to form an infinitely changeable space that shapes a variety of narratives. A series of distinct but loosely defined areas are created with the aim of not obscuring the space as a whole.

The potential buyer enters a long possession corridor flanked with a series of niches and bronze sculptures on the side. The architectural drama is heightened by the suspended bronze stainless steel ceiling panels and a very low linear reflection pool, for setting the ambience of entering a solemn museum space. They are led into the naturally and yet theatrically lit indoor courtyard. The deliberately low level central sculpture-fountain is surrounded by marble stands, which exhibit the master development model and the house models.

The guests are then seated into the more intimate area, the library alcoves, where contemporary artifacts and auction books are displayed. While waiting to be chauffeured to the showhouses, one enjoys the mild light shines through the double height sheer curtain with the shadow of subtle leaf-pattern casts onto the travertine floor.

When return, the guests are served at the café or the lounge area. Echoing the design of the library, with leather display bookcase, dark wood screens and bronze sculptures, the café and the lounge offer an intimate space for business and social occasions.

The golf corner, showcase of the exclusive Shadowcreek private golf course, is designed as a lifestyle corner of a globetrotter golfer, with display of objects and artifacts relate to golf and travel.