Homantin Hill 45F

Type: Private Home
Location: Homantin Hill
Client: Family of 3
Size: 2,300sqft
Completion: 2008

This 45th Floor flat called for a light volume for observing the metropolitan landscape of both Hong Kong and Kowloon. Grey oak floor, translucent grey/clear glass and predominately white walls compose the elemental material palette. In addition to fabric plaster white walls and ceiling, the palette of distinct white tones includes seamless semi glossy cabinetry, honed white marble countertops and textural white wood veneer, all these white add subtle textural variety to this light volume for creating a rich and warm space. The corridor, the central spin of the flat, is accentuated with floor lighting and a continuous linear ceiling light trough running parallel to the panoramic full-height windows. White and Light are the essence of the design.