Dunbar Place: Argyle Magic

Type: Showflat
Location: Taikooshing podium
Client: Swire Properties
Size: 1,400 sqft
Completion: 2011

Dunbar Place is a project we completed in collaboration with VIA Architecture. For this showflat, the idea was simple: why not draw inspiration from the development’s address on Argyle Street? Furthermore, Dunbar Place boasts a glorious view of Lion Rock Hill. Therefore, we drew inspiration from the tranquil yet statement-making Scottish landscapes, which also became the starting point of our design concept.

The first thing that meets the eye when you step inside is the abstract argyle- patterned, mixed green and white marble floor. This is the dominant material used throughout the entire flat.

The living and dining room is all about enjoyment and entertainment. A dark to light colour and texture gradation on wall treatments works its way up towards the ceiling that echoes with the mountains and the sky. A neutral palette complements the patterns, and linear structures are introduced to bring order to the space.

We opened up the master bedroom, study and the master bathroom to create a free-flowing, clutterless space. Organic forms and randomness present in the flat reflect nature and the natural flow of landscapes as found (and seen) outside.

The objective of the showflat is simple, yet striking. Are you tempted to buy a flat for yourself, too?